First Line Responders relax and restore. Thank you for your service, now it's time for you. Relax your body and calm your mind and emotions. The music in this meditation was produced in 528 Hz with the intention of cultivating inner peace, deep thought, restful sleep and meditation.

Guided meditation by: Monica Brown is a Visionary Coach, Meditation Facilitator and Author. Monica works with visionaries to create positive tangible changes in their love life, profession and happiness. Monica is an experienced Meditation Facilitator. She’s led meditation for educators in the Kyrene School District, guided business employees in meditation at on-site meetings, led a weekly community meditation group, led numerous workshops utilizing meditation practices, guides 1:1 clients in meditation and has published meditations. Monica has trained nursing students at the V.A. in Miami. For over 9 years Monica was a police detective with the City of Phoenix.