Custom Sound Meditations

Custom music is priced at $10 per minute of audio needed (example: a 10 minute song would be $100). Licensing to use the music is additional. Please see the license options here.

Use this form below to submit your request for a custom sound meditation.

For licensing submissions: Once your request is reviewed and approved, I will send an invoice. We can also discuss additional details or answer any questions. I'm looking forward to working with you! 

Additional Guidelines:

Music cannot be resold "as-is".
Music cannot be altered from its original composition.*
Music cannot include additional instruments or subliminal messages.
Music cannot be released on Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming platform.**
Music cannot be licensed to other third party catalogs or services (stock music sites, etc.).**
Music cannot be released by distributors like (Tunecore, Orchard, CDBaby, etc.).**

*You can add loops, fades, and cut the music to fit your project
**If you would like to release on a streaming platform or through a distributor, please contact me so we can arrange licensing


Please contact me if you have any questions about licensing.