Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free ambient music created in 432 Hz and 528 Hz.


My aim with this royalty free music was to create unique ambient backdrops for all of your projects. You'll find peaceful meditative elements including grounding basses, atmospheric textures, binaural rain, calming and inspiring pads and effects. Each track and album can be purchased separately or you can purchase the full catalog.

Royalty Free Albums

Volume 1: DREAM (On Sale)
Volume 2: EXPAND (On Sale)
Volume 3: AWAKEN
Volume 4: HEAL 

Bundle Offer*

Includes all 4 volumes plus 1 bonus track. This is the best value option and is currently on sale.

royalty free 432 hz music download

New Royalty Free Sampler Packs!

Discover your favorite tracks from the Light Journey Music catalog. These packs include music in 432 Hz and 528 Hz. Created to help you explore and find the perfect combination of music.

Pricing Explained:

(a) Single song downloads (no license): Name your price (view 432 Hz | 528 Hz)
(b) Single song with royalty-free license: $15 - $25 (view 432 Hz | 528 Hz)*
(c) Royalty-free albums: $150 (view)*
(d) Royalty-free album bundle (33 Tracks!): $450 (view)*
Royalty-free sampler packs: $30 and up (view)*

* Royalty-free licenses offer a one-time purchase for unlimited lifetime use. Your license covers:  Facebook, YouTube, Podcasts, Videos, Guided Meditations, Yoga, Film, Video Games, Documentaries, Websites, Multimedia, and Therapeutic Sound uses. Please contact me if have questions regarding other uses not listed.




Vol. 1: DREAM

Vol. 2: EXPAND

Every album provides over 75 minutes of original music

Vol. 3: AWAKEN

Healing ambient music made with intention

Vol. 4: HEAL

Bundle Offer

Save by purchasing all 4 royalty-free albums for here

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