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sound healing spotify playlists

A deeply healing and transformative collection of frequency, sound, and intention. Play on repeat, especially in the evening or early morning but anytime you choose is perfect. Submit here

ambient drones soundscapes spotify playlist

Some of the best ambient music to help you slip away. Drones and atmospheric textures crafted by Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Anaamaly, Majestica, Max Corbacho, Aphex Twin, and more. Submit here 

ambient and new age music spotify playlist

It's 3AM somewhere... dreamer is a late nite playlist featuring high vibe music from Telomere, Zero Ohms, Byron Metcalf, Art Patience, Sherry Finzer, Majestica, Peter Katar, Steve Roach, Deuter, Ken Verheecke, Anaamaly, and more. Submit here