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Each sound meditation that I create is infused with a specific intention for healing. I may work with crystals or multidimensional art and channel that energy through my heart chakra and into the music.

I always ask for guidance and that I may be present, connected, and in the moment, to create what will serve our highest timeline. 

You'll find music to help improve your sleep, to deepen your meditation, for energy and space clearingand to provide emotional support


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When music is created with SO much love and intention, you can feel it in every cell of your body. His new album, “Fields of Light”, contains sustained 432 Hz frequency tones, making it an incredible tool for getting into a deep, relaxed meditative state while assisting with physical, mental and emotional healing. This IS vibrational medicine. Do your mind, body + heart a favor and get this album!!”

— Melissa

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Violet Flame Meditation (432 Hz)


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"Violet Flame Meditation" was recorded in 432 Hz on August 15th 2019 during the Full Moon in Aquarius. The violet-flame has been used for ages as a spiritual tool to transmute energy, remove obstacles, create change, dissolve traumas, and to heal on all levels. May you receive the healing that is meant for you during this meditation.

Thank you for your support! Every purchase and share allows me to continue creating this music for the benefit of all.

Cover art by Colorinflux Instagram @colorinfluxart

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Wide Frequency Spectrum Healing


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